What is PBIS?

Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports (PBIS) is a proactive systems approach to establishing the behavioral supports and social culture that is needed for all students in a school to achieve social, emotional, and academic success.PBIS is a framework which specifically outlines the expected behaviors of students and the expected behaviors are then taught and modeled to all students. As expected behaviors are observed by staff they are then rewarded. All expected behaviors are clearly defined on a behavior matrix and are posted throughout each school.

An example is a teacher complementing a student who is walking quietly in the hall instead of verbally queing other students to be quiet.

PBIS & Red Hill

Red Hill is in its first few years of implementing PBIS. We are currently implementing Tier 1(universal) interventions to all students. This includes the Paw Tickets at BGS and SAC and the Dawg Tags at the Jr./Sr. High school. Students are given these by all staff as expected behaviors are observed. Students are then allowed to purchase things from the PBIS Cart/Store on given days with the Tickets or Tags that they have earned. This is being done at each school. "Cool Tools" (behavior lesson plans) are being taught in the classrooms to all of the students as well to reinforce expected behaviors.

Red Hill is in the process of implementing Tier 2 interventions for those students who are not having success with only the Tier 1 interventions. Data is being used to track behaviors/students to identify which students are in need of Teir 2 interventions. These Tier 2 interventions will be in small group or one-on-one settings.

After Tier 2 has been successfully implemented we will begin with Tier 3 interventions.

This is a new adventure for Red Hill and we are working together and doing our best to get PBIS up and going. We have the best interest of EVERY student in mind and feel that this will benefit all students.

School-Wide Expectations

Red Hill school-wide behavior expectaions can be found on the link where each school's behavior matrix is shown.


Creating a positive school environment helps teachers and students. It helps teachers teach to their fullest and the students to learn to their fullest potential. The state of Illinois also has developed social and emotional standards that all schools must follow, and PBIS meets the criteria for delivering these standards to students.

-Information provided by Illinois PBIS Network