BGS Penny Drive

Send in those pennies!!!  The BGS Penny Drive will run from March 6-17.  The winning class from each grade will have an extra recess and popsicles.  All money raised will go into the PTO fund and will benefit all children at BGS.  We will accept all monetary donations. Here are the totals so far for each class:

Ms. Arieanna AM-$1.92

Ms. Tonya AM-$6.71

Mrs. Weber-$12.39

Ms. Arieanna PM-$18.37

Mrs. Bowler-$18.73

Mrs. Stout-$18.95

Mrs. Yamato-$19.65

Ms. Tonya PM-$27.10

Mrs. Heath-$31.47

Mrs. Atkins-$44.25

Mrs. Stoneberger-$48.34

Mrs. Earnst-$52.43

Mrs. Sager-$56.12

Mrs. Ochs-$62.57

Mrs. Blaize-$63.06

Mrs. Nash-$68.82

Mrs. Waggoner-$74.39

Mrs. Prevo-$82.59

Mrs. Moore-$169.89