It's that time again. Book Fair time!! We had great  success last fall with our Book Fairy ewallet. Because of your generous donations, I was able to hand out several $10.00 coupons to every teacher and multiple staff members to give to students. I was also able to help every  student who was a little short on the amount of money they needed. (Those darn taxes) Anything that was left was used to help purchase books for the library. It seriously made so many students’ day when they were helped in one of these ways. Please consider donating to SAC’s Spring Book Fairy ewallet. The kids and I appreciate it so much. All you have to do is follow the link provided and add funds. ( don't worry, I do not see any of your personal information) It will say 6th grade on it, but it is for all of 4th-6th grade. 

Our book fair will be next week March 11-15. Thank you again. 

Mrs. Mills

SAC library aide