Hoop Shoot

Sumner Attendance Center recently had the Elk's Hoop Shoot.  The local winners are listed below.  These kids will shoot on Saturday, November 12 at Lawrenceville High School.

Row 1----(8-9 Year Old)---Remi Moore (1st Place); Brady Ochs (1st Place); Gracyn Carmichael (2nd Place); Aiden White (2nd Place)

Row 2---(10-11 Year Old)---Heavan Cossaboon (1st Place); JB Crask (1st Place); Norah Shick (2nd Place); Lane Thacker (2nd Place)

Row 3---(12-13 Year Old)---Persy Klein (1st Place); Scotty Kays (1st Place); Alexia Crist (2nd Place); Cayle Mulins (2nd Place)