Red Hill CUSD #10 School Calendar Changes
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School Calendar Changes
Thanksgiving Holiday Break Information
24 days ago, Jakie Walker
Thanksgiving Holiday Break Information
The RHHS Career Explorations students went to Vincennes University (VU) for a tour. They got to see the VU library, admissions, what the VU dorm rooms look like, classrooms, eat lunch in the dining hall, and we got to meet with the Program Chair of Homeland Security and Public Safety, Lou Caprino. Mr Caprino has a vast background with the LAPD, the FBI, and Homeland Security. He is now a professor and Program Chair for Homeland Security at VU and prepares students to enter the workforce. To say the students learned a lot (and enjoyed speaking with him) is an understatement! Thanks to Mr Caprino for the riveting stories, knowledge, and the time he took to speak with us! We even received a glowing compliment from him about our students: "Throughout my tenure as a professor at Vincennes University, I've had the privilege of interacting with thousands of high school students. However, I must say that the students from Red Hill were exceptionally attentive, courteous, and enthusiastic." (To learn more about his impressive career, go to: ) Follow along to learn more about Career Explorations and other business classes offered at Red HIll Jr/Sr High School:
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Red Hill CUSD #10 Job Vacancies
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Job Vacancies
Red Hill CUSD #10 congratulates Mrs. Ochs on being named Lawrence County's Unit #10 Educator of the Year! Thank you, Lawrence County Chamber of Commerce, for recognizing Mrs. Ochs at your annual dinner.
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Congratulations Mrs. Ochs!
The Red Hill Preschool program would like to thank the Bridgeport Fire Department for showing the students the fire trucks and teaching them about fire safety.
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AM Class
PM Class
AM Class Visiting the Fire Department
PM Class visiting the Fire Department
Congratulations to these Red Hill music students! They auditioned and made it into various ILMEA District 5 Honors Vocal Ensembles. They will travel to Eastern University on Nov 4 &/or Nov 18th to participate in these choirs with students from over 20 counties. A special shout out goes to Josie Brown for being selected to audition on The Star-Spangled Banner to sing at state IHSA events. HS Senior Choir: Josie Brown (alto 1), Ileannah Cassem (alto 2), and Ryla Moutry (soprano 1) HS Treble Choir: Ashlee Rogers (alto 1) JH Vocal Jazz: Kassidy Gish, Persy Klein, Coleen Moutry, and Sammy Combs JH Choir: Kassidy Gish (alto), Sammy Combs(alto), Bella Treat (alto)
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Red Hill ILMEA students 2023
Our Fine Art Friday artist this week is Mallory Stevens! Mallory just completed this beautiful fabric study in charcoal. Great job, Mallory!
about 2 months ago, Mrs. Taylor
Fine Art Friday
HAPPY RETIREMENT TO TINA ATKINS We would like to congratulate Tina Atkins on her retirement from the Red Hill CUSD #10 School District. Tina is pictured on her last day of work receiving gifts and appreciation from staff and students. Tina has worked at Red Hill for 25 years. She has been a mainstay in the Sumner Attendance Center kitchen. We have received numerous compliments over the years about how delicious the food at SAC is and those compliments are in large part to Tina. Have a very happy retirement!
2 months ago, Clarence Gross
Our Fine Art Friday artist this week is Josie Hall! Josie just completed this awesome zentangle name design for 8th Grade Art. Great job, Josie!
2 months ago, Mrs. Taylor
Fine Art Friday
Fine Art Friday is back! We have a lot of talent to show off this year. This week we are showing off a black-and-white glass study completed in Painting and Drawing I. Great job, Kaden Kolb!
3 months ago, Mrs. Taylor
Fine Art Friday
In Ms. Tussey's Business class (grades 9-12), students have been learning all about how to send an email, what to write, and email etiquette. After learning about email etiquette, they worked in groups to review the email tips we’ve learned, looked at emails to identify what was wrong with them, and each group took turns on writing a GOOD email and a BAD email. The “bad” or poorly written emails are always fun to read out loud! 😆 See Ms Tussey's favorite "bad" email in the pictures! 😆 Follow Ms Tussey's classroom:
3 months ago, Jamie Tussey
Lawrence County Chamber of Commerce Presents Lawrence County Educator of the Year The Lawrence County Educator of the Year program was created to honor educators who have made significant contributions to your county's public elementary and secondary schools. There are two awards presented, one from each School District. A committee evaluates application materials. Both awardees will be honored at the Lawrence County Chamber of Commerce Annual Dinner, Monday, November 6th. Send a message to if you have questions about the program. Nominations open until 10/11/2023 (Google Doc Form)
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Educator of the Year
Attention 4th Grade Families! Please take a moment to complete this form to help us get to know your 4th grade child. We are excited for a new school year! Don't forget to come to Open House and meet us Tuesday evening from 5:00-6:30!
4 months ago, Mackenzie Tennis
Red Hill Junior High and High School band camps are next week! Aug 7-10 Mon-Wed 8:30-9:30 HS Drum Line 9:30-12:00. HS Marching Band 1-2 JH Drum line 2-3:30 All JH Band Thurs No JH Same schedule for HS. Wear tennis shoes and bring sunglasses, sun screen, and water!
4 months ago, Kacey Strange
Happy Summer Break! With that being said, JH softball will be starting up soon! We will have a meeting for those that are interested in joining and want more information. It will be on June 23rd around 7:30, right after the summer league game at the Westall Softball Field in Bridgeport. If your child is unsure about playing, this meeting will be used to hand out information, schedules, and answer any questions. Hope to see you there. Coach Evinger
6 months ago, Amanda Evinger
RHJSHS 4th Quarter Honor Roll
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Red Hill CUSD #10 Notice of Public Hearing
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Public Notice
Introducing Katlyn Ortiz, a talented high school student with a passion for band and dance. Katlyn has been actively involved in band and dance throughout her high school years, showcasing her artistic talents and dedication to the performing arts. When reflecting on high school, Katlyn mentions that what she will miss the most are her friends, emphasizing the importance of the connections she has formed during her high school journey. These friendships have enriched her experience and provided a sense of support and camaraderie. One of Katlyn's favorite high school memories is going to Holiday World, an experience that undoubtedly brought joy and excitement to her high school years. Reflecting on her four years of high school, Katlyn believes that she has changed and learned valuable lessons. She expresses a desire to have tried harder to become a better person, indicating personal growth and a commitment to self-improvement. Katlyn's proudest accomplishment during her high school years is successfully completing high school, an important milestone that marks the culmination of her academic journey thus far. Throughout high school, Katlyn's biggest influences have been her mother and her best friend. Their presence, guidance, and support have played a significant role in shaping Katlyn's high school experience. Among her favorite teachers, Katlyn holds Mrs. Laswell in high regard. She describes Mrs. Laswell as sweet, understanding, and incredibly helpful. This teacher's kindness and support have left a lasting impact on Katlyn's high school experience. When offering advice to underclassmen, Katlyn's suggestion is simple yet essential: "Stay in school." After high school, Katlyn plans to attend Olney Central College and later transfer to Monmouth University to pursue her dream of becoming a dentist. Her ambitious career goal highlights her commitment to helping others and making a positive impact in the field of oral healthcare. Katlyn has achieved success in securing two scholarships, which demonstrate her academic excellence and dedication to her future endeavors. Katlyn shares a thought-provoking quote: "If no one comes back from the past to tell you it's wrong, is it really that bad?" This quote encourages a perspective that challenges the weight of judgment and encourages individuals to consider their own experiences and opinions. We wish Katlyn Ortiz all the best as she continues her academic journey, pursuing her dreams of becoming a dentist. May her dedication, talent, and passion lead her to great success!
7 months ago, Jamie Tussey
Congratulations to the graduating seniors and our beloved foreign exchange students from Turkey, Spain, Japan, and Italy! Your presence has enriched our school community, fostering cultural diversity and fostering lifelong friendships. As you embark on this next chapter, we celebrate not only your academic achievements but also the invaluable global perspectives you have shared with us. Each of you has embarked on a courageous journey, leaving your home country to explore new horizons, immerse yourselves in a different culture, and expand your knowledge and understanding of the world. Your resilience, adaptability, and willingness to embrace new experiences have been truly inspiring. As you graduate, take pride in the personal growth you have achieved during your time here. The bonds you have formed, the language skills you have acquired, and the cultural exchanges you have enjoyed will forever shape your outlook on life. Carry the memories of this transformative journey as a reminder of the strength and courage within you! We express our heartfelt gratitude for the diverse perspectives and unique contributions you have brought to our school. Your presence has broadened our horizons and fostered a sense of global unity within our halls. We hope that you continue to embrace curiosity, seize opportunities, and stay connected with the global community as you pursue your dreams beyond graduation. Congratulations once again, Elifsu, Emma, Marina, Akari, Fabrizio, and Bea, our dear exchange students! You have left an indelible mark on our school, and we are grateful for the cultural bridges you have built. Best wishes for a bright future filled with success, adventure, and continued cultural exchange. We hope you keep in touch!
7 months ago, Jamie Tussey